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    Thursday, Friday's 10-4

    Saturday's 9-Noon

    Summer First Friday's Downtown Mount Vernon Events


    Sunday - Wednesday

    by chance or Appointment

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    Family events and travel impacts regular business hours

    *Unexpected Closures are not

    always announced*


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    The 3rd Thursday of most months, 6pm

    You are invited to reserve a clay making experience at the Studio.

    $40 per person

    reserved in advance

    Text, Message or Call for more information.


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    Private Groups 

    Give the gift of creativity, build your family, team and special event connections by hosting a claymaking

    experience at the Studio.


    Reserve your group of no more than six adults

    and/or kids ages 9+ Choose from a one hour or two hour clay making experience

    Details provided when you text or message the Studio.


    All classes are pre-paid and reserved in advance. No refunds for any cancellations.


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    Potters Co-Operative

    SPRING 2024



    PineRowPotter's Co-Op is independent clay study for adults with previous experience at PineRowStudio or demonstrative equivalent in studio experience. Email or drop by the Studio with your questions and inquiries



    available in STUDIO!

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    Up to Six People

    Any Occassion**

    Call for more info and pricing

    Ages 9 and up

    Prepaid Reservations



    All classes are


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    CoOp and Open Studio

    • 7pm•

    Most Tuesday Evenings


    Some closures and off site/out of studio commitments can affect our hours- TEXT Ahead


    Appointments are accepted


    No refunds for cancellations


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    Caring for your hand-made

    stoneware pottery

    Our durable stoneware is meant to be used and enjoyed! With proper care your investment will last a more than lifetime

    Quick changes in temperature is a big stressor for your hand made ceramics.


    Place your stoneware into a cold oven with the food to be baked


    Don’t take your stoneware directly from the refrigerator to the oven or microwave


    Warm your plates and mugs separately in microwave and only warm to a food/beverage consumable temperature


    Always tap touch a handle on your mug warmed in the microwave. Use the beverage button


    Never put a hot ceramic dish on a cool/cold countertop. Use a baking rack, trivet or wooden cutting board

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    2024 PRICING

    *Subject to Change


    Third Thursday

    PerPerson $40


    Private Group Workshop

    no more than 6 adults


    Children (9&up) Party

    Call for pricing and options


    *Text for appointments and reservations*


  • About the Studio

    Pine Row Studio is a fully equipped ceramic arts studio with the goal of building appreciation of the ceramic arts and community engagement through gallery representation and creative, hands-on programming.


    Pamela primarily creates functional ceramic kitchen and serving pieces meant to be used and enjoyed in a unique hand-made, tableware experience. The love of cooking and entertaining drives me to spend a great deal of attention to ceramic functionality, practicality and the ability of hand-crafted ware to enhance the presentation and enjoyment of food. Striving to create unique designs as well as countless years in glaze formulation contributes to my conversation on ceramic aesthetics. To satisfy my desire to work on a grander scale, I enjoy creating sculptures with a narativs focus on nature and the beauty inspired from hiking and camping in the great outdoors at home and world wide. This body of work tends to be the source of entry into various juried art shows over the years. You will find PineRowStudio work in nearly all 50 states and in collections around the world. The endevor of creating in clay, with a focus on exploration and continuing education has given the reward of winning recognition and awards in local, national and international ceramic arts exhibitions. Additionally, by appointment and project consultation, I have completed many private commissions in my journey in clay.

    "Since opening the gallery and teaching studio in 2016, I am delighted to bring the knowledge and passion for creative clay making to so many in our community and beyond. It is such a rewarding endeavor to introduce adults and children alike to the creative and technical process of creating in clay" --Pamela


    All functional work is microwave, oven and dishwasher-safe made from durable stoneware clay and glazed with food-safe glazes that are hand made from well tested glaze recipes. I enjoy exploring new glaze materials and surface designs, so my palette tends to evolve with the forms over time. My Studio process tends to lean toward discovering new effects and color combinations. The large scale sculptural pieces are constructed from a terra cotta clay made from a mixture of finely ground red and buff clays suitable for both interior and exterior display.

    Classes and Workshops

    Pamela is a veteran High School Art Teacher that brainstorms interesting and educational workshop sessions and although painfully widowed in 2023 she sings alcolades of her husband Bill whom she shared a 20 year life, love and journey in clay. Bill retired several years ago from the American Ceramic Society where he was the editor of Pottery Making Illustrated, a magazine for studio potters. They both received a Bachelor of Fine Art from the State University of West Georgia and The Ohio State University, respectivelyPamela is continuing the legacy of PineRowStudio and brings many years of experience with and of clay in a fun and creative schedule of classes that will engage and inform beginners and all clay enthusiast. In 2016 the Studio introduced afternoon and evening workshops focusing on a specific technique or object to make as well as a monthly wheel class. In 2020 the number of “seasoned” and trained PineRowPotters increased, so naturally that led them to introduce “Take Over Tuesdays” as independent work sessions. This open studio concept is designed for those who have developed their clay skills already , have taken a minimum of two classes at the Studio and/or need more time to explore the multitude of possibilities clay has to offer. For more information there are several options: Stop by the Studio, text and of course- Give a like and follow on the social sites... Better yet, do all three.

    ~Seize the clay and fire on!